MAR 23, 2020

BI Spotlight: Jose "Jay" Perez

In each issue of the newsletter, we’ll be turning the spotlight on members of the Intercare community. This month we are learning about former Behavioral Interventionist and current Talent Acquisition Coordinator Jose “Jay” Perez. Get to know Jay better by reading about why he was a successful BI and found Intercare to be such a very enriching place to work.

Current or past favorite TV show or movie? I enjoy watching humorous shows to unwind after a long day. Curb Your Enthusiasm and Scrubs are my favorite shows.

What’s your favorite food or restaurant to eat at? I love eating spicy foods and testing my tolerance for heat.

What led you to apply for a position at Intercare? The reason I initially decided to join Intercare was that I wanted to learn more about the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and while also helping families in need. It gave me great satisfaction to observe the gradual growth of the kiddos I worked with due to effective intervention.

How were your perceptions of the position during the application and hiring process? The perception I had was a positive one. The experience I have working with my own family members on the spectrum made me feel somewhat prepared for what to expect when I was in the field.

What are some ways for Behavioral Interventionists (BIs) to gain information to expand their skill set and passion for autism therapy? Observing the way Clinical Supervisor (CS) and Program Manager (PM) engage and work with the clients during overlaps is very helpful. It may also be helpful to watch documentaries in order to familiarize yourself with the various types of behaviors you may come across.

What is the biggest misconception of autism that you found out was wrong thanks to your time with Intercare? My biggest misconception was not so much about the kiddos on the spectrum but how to respond to the behaviors they may exhibit.

What are the biggest tips that you would give to incoming BIs about being successful at Intercare? Be patient and understand that many clients are still learning how to control their behaviors and how to express themselves. Don't take things personally but instead see the behaviors as an opportunity for growth, for yourself and the client.

Does Intercare as a whole, feel like a family or an enriching environment? My time as a BI enriched my life and helped me become a more positive person.

How does a standard session go from start to finish? Normally the session will begin with greeting the family and asking about the client’s day thus far. It takes 15 minutes to set up the session, data sheet, and review notes. Use your time wisely and try to implement programs in an engaging and naturalistic way. The last 15 minutes is used to calculate the data and upload it into the ABA software we use, Central Reach.

Are there any improvements that can be made to retain BIs or move them up the ladder more consistently? It would be great to have more levels to the BI position for those who have been with Intercare for a good amount of time. Maybe something like a senior BI role that guarantees a certain amount of hours, as a normal BI has no minimum number of hours they will have per week.