APR 21, 2020

How to Celebrate Autism Awareness Month

Although the circumstances for nearly all of us have changed in the recent weeks, we are now in April, which is Autism Awareness Month! Now more than ever we need to stay positive and treasure the things that we hold dearest to us. To get the ball rolling, here are some tips for maximizing your impact and spreading awareness online as we are all practicing physical distancing during this time.

1. Donate to the Autism Society:

As with any charity, one of the best ways to truly help the cause during Autism Awareness Month is to give financially to organizations that directly fund research and services to help improve the lives of people impacted by autism. As the Autism Society explains on its website, donations enable it to improve the services of its 100+ nationwide affiliates, “provide the best national resource database and contact center specializing in autism, and increase public awareness about autism and the day-to-day issues faced by individuals with ASD and their families.”

2. Wear blue today (and for the rest of the month):

April is Autism Awareness Month and today is World Autism Awareness Day. Bring attention to the cause by joining other advocates in wearing blue. This internationally-recognized holiday marks the annual reaffirmation of the United Nations’ "commitment to promote the full participation of all people with autism, and ensure they have the necessary support to be able to exercise their rights and fundamental freedoms.". Wear your brightest blue shirt (and your comfiest pants) and show your support for the autism community.

3. Show off your support with an Autism Awareness Ribbon:

Every cause has a ribbon, but the Autism Society’s puzzle piece ribbon, designed to represent the complexity and diversity of people on the spectrum, is one of the most memorable and unique. Wearing a ribbon—whether as a new profile photo on your social media, a Facebook post, etc.—lets others know you’re an advocate for all people and invites curious people to strike up a conversation with you about autism awareness.

4. Walk the walk in an Autism Awareness March:

Usually, there are hundreds of autism walks every April, organized at the local, regional, and national levels. Due to COVID-19, these walks have been rescheduled, but you can stay up to date here: https://act.autismspeaks.org/site/SPageNavigator/speakswalkallevents.html The Autism Speaks Walk is one of the biggest and most prominent in the country. Search for local events in your community on the Autism Speaks website. Autism Speaks raises money to fund innovative research and critical lifelong support and services for people with ASD. So far, the organization has funded nearly $150 million of autism research, primarily in the form of scientific grants. Even if you do not directly donate, spreading the impact of Autism Speaks is a positive and safe thing that we all can do.

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