MAR 03, 2020

Letter From the CEO: Family Ties

Intercare has always been a family business. My family built Intercare from the bottom up, and we like to think of our Intercare community as a family, too. That’s why I’m so pleased to introduce our first newsletter, which we hope will be a valuable resource for the entire Intercare community. In each issue, we’ll share informative articles about autism research and curated news from our growing and evolving field, as well as updates about Intercare and our rockstar team.

To start this journey, I thought I’d share my own Intercare story, which starts back in 1979, when my mom, a speech pathologist, founded the company. What started as a small organization grew and evolved, and Intercare found its niche focusing on adolescent autism. After I graduated from college, my parents pushed me to get involved, and I’m grateful now that they did. I started as a BI and quickly fell in love with the work.

Like so many others at Intercare, I fell in love with the challenging, but incredibly rewarding work and the opportunity to witness the progress being made by our kids—and the effect that it had on their families, as well. I was hooked. I knew that, from that point on, I had to do work that made a meaningful change in people’s lives.

Intercare has given me the opportunity to achieve that goal every single day. Over the next several years, I went on to get my masters and then my doctorate and to take on more of a leadership role, eventually taking over as CEO when my mother passed away in 2009. Taking over the company during a recession was challenging, but it was also a great opportunity to focus on what really matters—delivering great services and focusing on quality.

As we kick off this new chapter, I want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of the Intercare community and for helping us continue our legacy of family-focused therapy for children and adolescents with autism.

Each month, we’ll be sharing this newsletter with our staff and community to help keep you connected to all things Intercare. If you want more updates like this one delivered to your inbox, please subscribe to the newsletter and be sure to share with other members of the Intercare community.

I always welcome feedback and love hearing from you. If you want to reach out about the newsletter or any other Autism related matter, don’t hesitate to email me at

noni sig2 Arnon "Noni" Heller Psy.D. CEO