DEC 22, 2020

Letter From the CEO: Looking Back on 2020—And Forward to 2021

December is a time for reflection. As 2020 comes to a close, we can’t help but look back on what the year brought, not only to the Intercare community, but to the world as a whole. This has been a year of challenges. Of course, we’ve all faced our own unique, personal challenges, but more than any other year in recent history, 2020 has been a year marked by national and even global challenges—from the divisive political battles of the U.S. election to the eye-opening wave of activism of the Black Lives Matter movement to, of course, the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic, we, as Americans and as humans, have faced what feels like an onslaught of shared struggles this year. If there’s a silver lining to the dark clouds that have hung over 2020, it’s been the way people around the country have stepped up and united to meet these challenges and proven the power of adaptability and collaboration.

In our newsletter this year, we’ve endeavored to touch on these challenges and the unique obstacles they present for the autism community—and to offer support and resources for the Intercare community. We always strive to understand our community’s ever-evolving needs and we’ve continuously looked for new ways to support the Intercare community as we’ve all done our best to roll with the punches of this year. We’ve taken the challenges of 2020 as an opportunity to dig deep into topics like adaptability, technology, safety, and collaboration. When COVID came, we shared tips and resources for families on how to cope and for our staff on how to deal. We have stepped up to start conversations about social justice, remote learning, and more.

Of all of the topics we’ve covered this year, however, the one we’re most looking forward to continuing to develop and explore in 2021 might just be technology. Technology plays an increasingly important role in the daily lives and treatment plans of kids with autism and their families. We, as an organization, are committed to using and continuing to develop and build out technology tools to enhance the therapy experience for both our staff and our clients. We appreciate how families have embraced telehealth. We’ve heard great feedback and plan to extend our telehealth offerings well into 2021 and the future.

This brings me to an important way you can help us in that goal: If you are in contact with your insurance provider, we could use your support. Please reach out to them and tell them about the positive experience you are having with telehealth. In order to continue to provide services (because even with telehealth, being together is the essence of ABA therapy), we ask the community to commit to safe practices (wash your hands, keep your distance, and follow any other safety guidelines in your area) and minimize the threat of COVID. And we hope you enjoy the December newsletter, which includes tips for surviving this very unique holiday season, a guide to amazing autism gift ideas for your last-minute shopping needs, and a Q&A with Eileen Shaklee of Autism With a Side of Fries.

And remember, each month, we’ll be sharing this newsletter with our staff and community to help keep you connected to all things Intercare. If you want more updates like this one delivered to your inbox, please subscribe to the newsletter and be sure to share with other members of the Intercare community.

I always welcome feedback and love hearing from you. If you want to reach out about the newsletter or any other Autism related matter, don’t hesitate to email me at

noni sig2 Arnon "Noni" Heller Psy.D. CEO