NOV 16, 2021


On behalf of our Intercare staff and community:


We are honored to be a part of your journey! Examining the possibility that you or your child has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be filled with questions. No matter how you have arrived, you’ve landed in the right place to explore Autism Spectrum Disorder, Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy, and family support services.

As a cognitive disorder, ASD is often stigmatized by “cannots'' or “should nots.” Here at Intercare, we understand receiving a diagnosis may feel disappointing or isolating. We hope that through the course of our correspondence you become inspired to see the world through a lens that, while unexpected, is full of wonder.

As a provider of ASD services and programming, our goal is to help you and your family transform those “negative nots” into “positive plans.” Think of us as your travel agency for living and thriving with ASD.

As the poet E.P. Kingsley says:

Parenting a child with [Autism] is like planning a trip to Italy, but your plane lands in Holland. “If you spend your life mourning the fact that you didn’t get to Italy, you may never be free to enjoy the very special, the very lovely things about Holland.”

Appreciating “Holland” is a matter of connecting with the right people and learning how to navigate life successfully.

What constitutes success in ABA Therapy and Family Coaching services?

  • Increased Independence
  • Mutual Understanding
  • Improved Communication.

The road ahead may have pit stops, roadwork, and occasional rainy weather, but we’ll be here to keep you determined and inspired. Remember, overcoming the smallest of hurdles is itself a grand achievement.

Reaching out is just the first step. By reaching out to us, you’ve already taken the first step!

As an introduction to the Intercare community, this email will:

  • Our History
  • Our Mission & Philosophy
  • Our Approach

Our upcoming series of emails is a whirlwind itinerary of the “must know” facts to support the educated decision making that comes with ASD. Best of all, you will be acclimated into both your local Intercare community and the Autism community as a whole.

Remember, you are not alone. An amazing network of people on the spectrum and ABA professionals are waiting to meet you and your family. At the end of the day, these connections are what matter most.

After all, the best part of any journey is sharing it with your favorite people.

As a side note, we are currently a provider of pediatric services. However, we are always looking to adapt to our community’s needs. If you are adjusting to your own Autism diagnosis, please reach out to us to discuss how you can access adult services. History Intercare was founded by Naomi Heller, a speech pathologist and medical services director turned entrepreneur. Originally a senior speech therapy practice, Intercare was launched from the same home where Naomi once hosted concerts. Our humble beginnings and Naomi’s passion are daily reminders that therapeutic services are a deeply personal process.

In 1990, local school districts and state-funded centers brought to light the increasing number of children on the spectrum and the need for services. Naomi and Intercare stepped up to serve their community by building expert, empathetic, and evidence based programming.

After Naomi’s passing in 2009, her son Noni took up the mantle of Intercare CEO. His expertise as a Behavior Interventionist, accomplishments as a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and passion for authentic connections made Noni the perfect person to lead.

Sharing his mother’s vision, Noni transformed Intercare into a family run service provider like no other and leads the company in valuing compassion and celebrating individuality. Mission & Philosophy We are less of a company and more of a community striving together to make the world more accommodating and communicative. How do we do that exactly?

By empowering families through our exceptional care!

To understand what that looks like, all you have to do is break our name into its root words:

Inter - Between, connecting and relating to each other

Not understanding Autism or feeling disconnected from your child with ASD is common. We’re here to replace those anxious and confusing feelings with authentic connection and communication.

Intercare doesn’t look for “fixes.” We dedicate ourselves to motivating personal growth through the power of ABA Therapy. We are devoted to increasing our families’ support networks by providing a breadth of resources and connections to national organizations.

Care - Protecting, growing, respecting and guiding each other

Rather than fixating on “conforming,” Intercare respects that children and young adults with Autism experience our world in a more internalized and specialized way. By appreciating this, we dispel the hurtful misrepresentation of individuals with Autism as “indifferent” to the people and world around them.

To best care for each child on the spectrum, we must attune ourselves to their unique rhythm. After all, it is when we care enough to understand our differences that we can learn from them.
Our Approach Being a provider of pediatric ASD services means being an intimate part of families’ lives. Knowing that, we aim to be personable, flexible, and supportive in every aspect of the care we offer.

Customized ABA Therapy, Coaching, and Support

We are family-run, and our services are family-focused.

Your local Intercare team will work around your schedule and needs. Each child has personally tailored milestones that are achieved together through: ABA Therapy School Behavior Intervention Parent Coaching and Support

Whether at home, school, or on-the-go, Intercare programming makes a noticeable impact on the everyday lives of our patients and their families. We work hard to reframe your journey with ASD from one of trepidation to one of determination.

Hiring Licensed and Certified Lifelong Learners

In our corporate and local offices, the Intercare staff is proud to be deeply inclusive, passionate, and educated. We boast a highly certified and diverse staff of professionals who share our leaderships’ passions for individualized care and cutting edge practices.

Whether you choose one of our convenient locations or if you prefer our telehealth services,our highly trained team is always adapting to your needs.

Staying Current on All Things ASD

While manageable, Autism is here to stay! Therapy is not a “cure,” nor should it be thought of as one. We at Intercare keep an eye on the future but focus on the here and now.

Our blog is dedicated to fast moving and intimate topics within the Autism community. We look to bring wider acceptance of individuals with ASD through education and awareness.

Breaking Down Stigmas and Building Up Confidence

It all starts right now.

By shedding the expectation that “blending in” or “conforming” to society’s expectations is the ultimate goal. Instead, we prefer to promote self-confidence and self-acceptance that leads to true personal growth.

By focusing on possibility over limitations, your therapy team will teach you and your child how to build productive habits and manage troublesome behaviors.

Afterall, we all need to be taught how to care for others in compassionate and productive ways, but children on the spectrum need just a little extra help. Think of it like RuPaul’s famous motto: in order to teach others how to love you, you need to start by loving yourself.