APR 21, 2020

What We're Reading April 2020

Reads From Around the Web

There are so many great field of autism-related content to read, watch and listen to on the web. Each month we want to share a sample of the articles we’re reading, the videos we’re watching, or the podcasts we’re hooked on.

As we are facing uncertain times dealing with the effects of COVID-19, we've rounded up resources that we hope will help.

  1. NPR Podcast: How to Talk About Covid-19 with People Who Have Autism "Parents and caretakers of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities such as autism face unique hurtles in communicating about the coronavirus pandemic."

  2. What to Do When Your Child on the Autism Spectrum's Routine Is Disrupted by the Coronavirus "The change in the routine due to COVID-19 may upset or throw off your child. It’s a transition and transitions can be difficult and frightening for many kids on the spectrum — and you may be facing resistance from your child. So, how do you, as a parent, help your child with this upcoming change in routine and more time at home?"

  3. Sesame Street: Coping with COVID-19 A "For-Now" Normal "You can create a new "for-now" normal to help with whole family through these tough shifts in daily routines."