AUG 13, 2020

What We're Reading August 2020

Reads From Around the Web

There are so many great field of autism-related content to read, watch and listen to on the web. Each month we want to share a sample of the articles we’re reading, the videos we’re watching, or the podcasts we’re hooked on.

  1. Sage Journals: Facial Emotion Recognition Autistic people who have difficulty identifying their own feelings also don't read other people's facial expressions; this seems to be as true in women as in men.

  2. BBC: Autism in Children: Many Families face council discrimination More than a quarter of English councils are acting unlawfully by discriminating against children with autism, according to a report by disability law experts.

  3. Time Magazine: Love on the Spectrum, Netflix's New Reality Dating Show for Autistic People But Love on the Spectrum has the potential to open minds, foster genuine empathy for its stars and maybe even spark interest in more autistic stories.

  4. Psych Central: New System Shown to Improve Early Diagnosis of Autism By improving access to earlier high-quality diagnostic evaluations in children’s local communities, our hope is that children will be enrolled in evidence-based interventions that can improve developmental outcomes here in Indiana.

  5. Dr. Fred Volkmar on Supporting Children With Developmental Disorders During COVID-19 Yale’s Dr. Fred Volkmar, a leading authority on autism and related disorders, spoke with YaleNews about the needs of such children and ways parents and other caregivers can help them during the public health crisis.