OCT 15, 2020

What We're Reading October 2020

Reads From Around the Web

There are so many great field of autism-related content to read, watch and listen to on the web. Each month we want to share a sample of the articles we’re reading, the videos we’re watching, or the podcasts we’re hooked on.

  1. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology Spectrum News: An app that helps people choose less crowded times to use public transportation and notifies them when their stop is imminent may be useful for those on the spectrum.

  2. Developing technology for people with autism TED Talk: Could technology help people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? Cristina Costescu informs us in her passionate talk that it is not enough to have just a mobile application. People with ASD need a complete system for their therapy in order to improve. What are the necessary components of such a system?

  3. Robots that teach autistic kids social skills could help them develop MIT Technology Review: In recent years, advancements in socially-assistive robots have opened up a promising new way for more affordable and personalized care.