SEP 17, 2020

What We're Reading September 2020

Reads From Around the Web

There are so many great field of autism-related content to read, watch and listen to on the web. Each month we want to share a sample of the articles we’re reading, the videos we’re watching, or the podcasts we’re hooked on.

  1. How to Cope With "Home Schooling" in Special Education Podcast: Whether you are educators or family member, if you live in the U.S. in the time this is written, you’ve likely been asked to “home school” your child with support from your child’s teacher. Coping with this type of home schooling when it wasn’t expected is not an easy thing for educators or families.

  2. Digital Resources for Students with Autism The digital age brings good news for teachers and parents dealing with students with autism. Today, there are more technologies than ever before to help students with speech, interaction, participation, and communication, making for more integrated classrooms and innovative therapies that help these students learn.

  3. Learning Resources For Families Of Children With Autism Free autism resources for download, print and immediate use. Stages Learning Materials resources will enrich your child’s social/emotional and behavioral development.