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ABA Therapy

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) forms the foundation for all the services offered at Intercare Therapy, a family-focused provider that educates and empowers children with autism and their families and caregivers. If your child needs ABA Therapy, fill out the contact form online or call one of the offices in Denver, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; or Lake Oswego near Portland, Oregon, or one of the eight offices throughout California in Sacramento, Riverside, Windsor Square in Greater Los Angeles, West Covina in East Los Angeles, Canoga Park in North Los Angeles, Escondido in San Diego, Anaheim in Orange County, and Hayward in the East Bay region of San Francisco.

ABA Therapy Q & A

What is applied behavior analysis (ABA) Therapy?

ABA Therapy combines behavioral analysis and learning theory to create an intensive therapy that’s widely used for children with autism. Numerous studies show that ABA Therapy effectively improves desired behaviors and teaches new skills while decreasing challenging behaviors. 

As therapists, parents, teachers, and caretakers consistently follow a structured ABA treatment plan and provide positive reinforcement, they gradually shape a child’s actions. This takes the child one small step at a time toward a larger goal, such as toilet training, learning a word, or controlling their emotions.

How is an ABA treatment plan developed?

ABA treatment plans are always individualized to meet the unique needs of each child. The Intercare Therapy team begins with a thorough evaluation that includes direct observation and standardized assessments.

They identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses across developmental milestones and five specific domains:

  • Challenging behaviors
  • Socialization
  • Communication
  • Independent living skills
  • Community integration

When the evaluation is complete, they develop a program that fits the needs of you and your child. They work together with you to identify and prioritize goals and define how to measure your child’s progress toward each goal. Then they determine the behavioral supports needed to promote your child’s success and implement the plan.

How is ABA implemented?

ABA Therapy is implemented by following the specific steps to reach a goal, as outlined in your treatment plan. These steps generally include teaching your child what to do, directing them to do it, and/or prompting them to initiate the desired behavior. As they learn each step, the next one is introduced until the skill or goal is mastered.

Along the way, children receive an abundance of positive reinforcement for doing the desired behavior while undesired behaviors are redirected. Consistent reinforcement is essential to help them learn and to motivate them to respond to instructions. 

At first, your child receives positive reinforcement every time they accomplish the desired behavior, then your ABA provider gradually transitions to less frequent rewards, ultimately getting your child to respond without reinforcement for each success.

ABA Therapy activities often take place in a structured environment that’s dedicated to therapy, whether in the clinic, school, home, or community. However, once a goal is started, the steps are also encouraged and reinforced as they naturally arise throughout the day. 

If you have questions about ABA Therapy or you’d like to arrange a consultation, call the Intercare Therapy office nearest you or fill out the contact form online.