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Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

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Early intensive behavioral intervention for children with autism can have a profound impact as it improves difficult behaviors and reduces autism symptoms. Intercare Therapy has helped many children and families by providing early intensive behavioral intervention. To learn more, fill out the contact form online or call one of the offices in Denver, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; or Lake Oswego near Portland, Oregon, or one of the eight offices throughout California in Sacramento, Riverside, Windsor Square in Greater Los Angeles, West Covina in East Los Angeles, Canoga Park in North Los Angeles, Escondido in San Diego, Anaheim in Orange County, and Hayward in the East Bay region of San Francisco.

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention Q & A

What is early intensive behavioral intervention?

Early intensive behavioral intervention refers to a specific type of therapy, as well as a general program that supports children with autism before they reach the age of five. The earlier the intervention begins, the better, so the team at Intercare Therapy aims to reach children by the age of two, three, or even younger.

The intensive nature of this program is the key to achieving optimal progress for your child. Depending on their individual needs, children receive 20-40 hours of therapy each week, including:

  • One-on-one therapy
  • Home-based intervention
  • Parent education and coaching
  • Community-based services
  • Preschool preparation
  • Consultation with schools and other service providers

The Intercare Therapy team works closely with the family, teaching parents how to meet the unique needs of their child with autism.

What type of therapy is early intensive behavioral intervention?

Early intensive behavioral intervention is a type of applied behavior analysis (ABA), which is the basis of all therapies provided by the team at Intercare Therapy. ABA is a highly structured and evidence-based therapy that’s customized to maximize your child’s strengths, reinforce positive behaviors, teach new skills, and eliminate undesirable behaviors.

The team begins with a comprehensive evaluation that identifies your child’s developmental strengths and weaknesses. Then they identify what challenges to address and which skills to teach, and they develop measurable goals for each one.

Your ABA treatment plan defines small steps to take that help your child reach the goal. Your therapist uses positive reinforcement to motivate your child to learn and participate in their therapy. They also teach parents the ABA skills they need to support and manage their child.

What should I expect during early intensive behavioral intervention?

Early behavioral intervention focuses on:

Reducing behavioral problems

The core challenges of autism make it difficult for young children to understand and communicate with their parents, siblings, teachers, and others in their lives. As a result, they often become frustrated, anxious, angry, or fearful, yet they’re not able to identify or communicate their feelings.

Instead, they express their feelings through meltdowns and other challenging behaviors. The ABA therapy provided during early intensive behavioral intervention diminishes these difficult behaviors and teaches children other ways to express their needs.

Teaching new skills

ABA is a powerful therapy for teaching your child new skills, whether they struggle with social skills, how they play, daily living skills, communication, or pre-academic skills.

If you need early intensive behavioral intervention for your toddler or preschooler, call Intercare Therapy or fill out the contact form online.