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Parent Training

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Parent training gives you the tools you need to support your child as they learn to manage the challenges of autism. To learn about parent training from the team at Intercare Therapy, fill out the contact form online or call one of the offices in Denver, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; or Lake Oswego near Portland, Oregon, or one of the eight offices throughout California in Sacramento, Riverside, Windsor Square in Greater Los Angeles, West Covina in East Los Angeles, Canoga Park in North Los Angeles, Escondido in San Diego, Anaheim in Orange County, and Hayward in the East Bay region of San Francisco.

Parent Training Q & A

Why should I consider parent training?

Autism is a complex developmental disability that affects your child’s ability to communicate, play, learn, and participate in family life. The way they perceive and understand their world is dramatically different from the experience of anyone who’s not on the autism spectrum.

It’s hard to comprehend that your child’s brain is wired differently, causing challenges such as:

  • Difficulty communicating
  • Lack of social skills
  • Repetitive behaviors
  • Restricted interests
  • Sensory sensitivities
  • Intense need to follow a routine
  • Inability to understand nonverbal communication
  • Difficulty understanding another person’s perspective

Their neurological differences make it a struggle, if not impossible, for them to understand expectations and communicate their feelings. As they become overwhelmed and anxious, they can’t process cognitive thoughts and frequently express their frustration through meltdowns or oppositional behaviors.

Most parents need help in order to understand their child’s challenges and learn how to interact with their child in a way that supports their needs. That’s what parent training from the team at Intercare Therapy is all about.

What type of therapy will I learn during parent training?

The team bases their autism treatment on applied behavioral analysis (ABA), so that’s the technique they teach parents. Numerous studies show that ABA makes a significant difference through its ability to teach your child new skills and diminish difficult behaviors.

ABA is highly structured with small steps that help your child make progress toward their goals. As you learn the techniques, you’ll find that you can immediately apply them naturally throughout the day when your child encounters challenges.

What should I expect during parent training?

Your parent training takes place in one-on-one sessions with your Intercare Therapy provider, where they can teach you how ABA works and how you can use it to support your child. You can also participate in ABA sessions together with your child and therapist, so you can see how they implement ABA.

During your parent training, you work with your provider to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and prioritize goals. The goals may address any problem, from extinguishing meltdowns to overcoming limited food preferences or teaching basic self-care skills.

You learn how to use positive reinforcement to build your child’s strengths and support new skills. As you implement ABA techniques, you and your child experience an immediate difference because ABA is based on positive rewards for desired behaviors, not reactions to negative problems.

If you feel overwhelmed or need to learn skills that support your child, call Intercare Therapy or fill out the contact form online to learn about parent training.