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To ensure your child makes progress with their applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy and gets appropriate support for problems at school, you may need to ask the team at Intercare Therapy to provide a school behavior intervention. You can fill out the contact form online or call one of the offices in Denver, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; or Lake Oswego near Portland, Oregon, or one of the eight offices throughout California in Sacramento, Riverside, Windsor Square in Greater Los Angeles, West Covina in East Los Angeles, Canoga Park in North Los Angeles, Escondido in San Diego, Anaheim in Orange County, and Hayward in the East Bay region of San Francisco.

School Behavior Intervention Q & A

What types of school behavior intervention are available?

Intercare Therapy creates school-based programs that give your child the behavioral and therapeutic support they need to succeed at school. The services they frequently provide include functional behavior assessments, development of behavioral intervention plans, and applied behavior analysis (ABA)

When might my child need school behavior intervention?

You may need to request school behavior intervention when:

Providing ABA at school is medically necessary

When your child is engaged in an intensive ABA program, they need consistent and frequent sessions across multiple settings to ensure their treatment goals are met and they can generalize the skills they learn. That often means it’s essential to provide ABA during school hours.

Developing an individual education plan (IEP)

You may be working with the school staff to create your child’s first IEP, or you may already have an IEP that needs to be updated to include new services. If you want your child to receive ABA services at school, you must put it in the IEP.

If there’s a chance your child may have behavioral problems, or they already face this challenge, it’s essential for their IEP to have a positive behavioral intervention plan that details the steps the staff will take when problems arise. Having a planned intervention avoids emergency interventions that often escalate the problem.

Behavior challenges occur at school

Your child may unexpectedly develop behavioral problems at school that fail to improve despite the school’s efforts. When that happens, you or the school staff may request a behavioral intervention to define the problem and find the best solution.

How do I request school behavior intervention?

The Intercare Therapy team has longstanding and positive relationships with their local school systems. They frequently design school-based programs that support your child’s ability to achieve the goals defined in their IEP. But there are always proper procedures to follow.

Initiating a school intervention always follows a process that’s defined by special education laws and guidelines. The first step is to talk with the school staff and learn the steps you must follow.

Many school systems have their own psychologists they use to perform a behavioral assessment and intervention. If that’s the case, you’ll need to negotiate to use your therapist for a functional assessment or get permission for them to work with your child in the school.

When you need help with your child’s behavior intervention at school, call Intercare Therapy or fill out the contact form online.