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Telehealth is a secure and convenient way to get the behavioral therapy your child with autism needs without leaving your home. The team at Intercare Therapy offers telehealth through all of its locations. If you’re interested, call one of the offices in Denver, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; or Lake Oswego near Portland, Oregon, or one of the eight offices throughout California in Sacramento, Riverside, Windsor Square in Greater Los Angeles, West Covina in East Los Angeles, Canoga Park in North Los Angeles, Escondido in San Diego, Anaheim in Orange County, and Hayward in the East Bay region of San Francisco.

Telehealth Q & A

What is telehealth?

Though the state of California calls it telehealth, different online sites may call it telemedicine, telepsychiatry, or telepsychology. No matter what name is used, it’s the same great service.

Telehealth allows you to get the professional care you need from your own home. You can talk with your provider at Intercare Therapy, ask questions, get help managing your child, and develop or modify your child’s autism therapy without traveling to the clinic.

Telehealth is recognized by professional organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association (APA) as a vital and effective way for therapists to interact with their patients. In addition to receiving the same high-quality care, telehealth may help lower the cost of therapy. Telehealth is covered by most insurance companies, yet it eliminates the time and expense of traveling to the clinic.

How does telehealth help with autism therapy?

Nearly all the autism therapy services delivered in person by the team at Intercare Therapy are also available over your computer or smartphone, including applied behavior analysis (ABA).

The team uses telehealth to:

  • Provide standard and functional behavioral assessments
  • Develop and modify behavior intervention plans
  • Deliver ABA treatments
  • Provide parent training
  • Coordinate care with other providers
  • Offer routine consultations

ABA is the foundation of all the services offered at Intercare Therapy. Using structured goals and positive reinforcement, ABA effectively teaches your child how to improve communication, socialization, self-care skills, and challenging behaviors.

How does telehealth work?

The first thing you need to know is that telehealth services comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which means they’re secure and private. It’s also important to know that your telehealth services are always provided by the same highly qualified ABA providers you’d meet in person.

After you make the decision to use telehealth, the Intercare Therapy team gives you the instructions you need to schedule appointments and connect with your provider using your computer or smartphone. It’s as easy as logging in and chatting with your provider online.

If you’re interested in telehealth or you have questions about how it works, call Intercare Therapy or fill out the contact form online to learn how you can register for this convenient service.