Our Mission

We empower families through exceptional care.

We are a family-run, family-focused therapy provider of evidence-based services. Our work is proven to help children and young adults diagnosed with autism and related disorders.

We value compassion, communication and collaboration in our approach to therapy, recognizing and celebrating the individuality of each and every one of our Intercare kids while applying proven, time-tested therapeutic treatment approaches.

Our Timeline


Intercare moves into first office space in Santa Monica, with a small staff.


Noni starts work at Intercare as Behavior Interventionist: soon thereafter, decides to pursue his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Intercare now has 30 employees.


Intercare opens office in West Covina to serve San Gabriel Valley families.


Intercare opens two offices in Bay Area, Hayward and San Jose, to serve East Bay and South Bay families.


With five locations, Intercare employs nearly 400 dedicated staff members and counts number of families served in the many thousands.


Pioneering Speech Pathologist, Naomi Heller, starts Intercare Therapy from her home garage in Santa Monica, California. First patients are senior citizens in need of speech therapy. Her son, Noni (now Intercare CEO) is born in same year.


Diagnosis rates for autism increase dramatically, with more pediatric clients on the spectrum. School-district- and state-funded regional centers call on Intercare Therapy to create programs to fit their needs. Intercare begins transition from focus on senior speech services to pediatric autism services.


Leaving a rich personal and professional legacy behind her, Naomi passes and Noni steps in as CEO. Intercare transitions exclusively to services rooted in evidence-based practices, grounded in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).


SB 946 Law passes in the State of California, requiring health insurance companies to cover treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder as a medical necessity. Immediately allows more families to gain access to Intercare’s services throughout the state.


Intercare's newest office opens in Sacramento.


Intercare opened two new offices--one in Orange County and our first out of state office in Denver, Colorado.

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Our Team

A seasoned, expert team to help you and your child achieve your goals.

Noni Heller

Noni Heller

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Ryokan College, Los Angeles. Researched early intervention methods & attachment theory for children with autism diagnoses.

Gary Weinhouse

Gary Weinhouse
JD, MBA, President & COO

"I am passionate about making Intercare a remarkable place to work for its staff, ensuring we hire and retain the best and brightest in the industry, and ensure work-life balance. By doing so, we will continue to deliver outstanding clinical services which will positively change the lives of our amazing families."

Abigail F
Abigail F
MA., BCBA, Senior Clinical Director

Meagaan Turner
Meagaan Turner
Senior Clinical Director

Technology has moved this industry forward in ways I couldn’t imagine. I’m passionate every day I get to come to work and interact with an amazing smart team and inspiring clients.

Daryn Kalmus M.S., BCBA
Daryn Kalmus M.S., BCBA
Senior Director of Training

One of my favorite things about my position is training our new staff. I love that I get to show them what is so amazing about ABA and then send them out the into world.

Sarah Dacey M.S., BCBA
Sarah Dacey M.S., BCBA
Senior Clinical Director

I feel fortunate to be serving a community I love, with a team so committed to innovative, family-centered services.

Janet Brown
Janet Brown
VP Human Resources

Our staff are just as much our customers as our client families. We want everyone to have a great experience both professionally and personally.

Teresa Solis
Teresa Solis
Director of Client Services

My role is to help families access resources and understand the process to getting their children the services they need and matching them up with clinicians who truly care. It is incredibly rewarding.

Naomi Heller, Founder

Naomi Heller, Founder

Received training at Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University School of Communication Disorders and a Master's in Speech Pathology from Cal State University, Northridge. Director of successful pediatric and geriatric programs for local hospitals in both Tel Aviv and Los Angeles metro areas.