Our Services

We offer individualized, evidence-based interventions to help clients and families achieve and maintain positive behavior change across home, school, or community settings.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

All of our services are based on the principles of ABA.

ABA is an evidence-based approach utilizing individualized treatment plans, derived from standardized assessments, which use established milestones of typical development to determine the treatment goals. Our clinicians work to decrease challenging behaviors and teach new skills to increase desired behavior.

The following domains are targeted through our services in home, community, and clinic settings:

  • Challenging Behavior
  • Socialization
  • Communication
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Community Integrations
In School

School-based programs are designed to help your child access their curriculum determined by their IEP.

In Home and Community

Services to instruct and support children and young adults with developmental disabilities, as well as caregivers, to learn daily skills needed to succeed at home and in the community using a naturalistic treatment approach that focuses on:

Methods are evidenced-based, one-on-one and individualized, with a parent training foundation.

Our Approach

Our mission is to teach independence, rather than reliance on our services.
Parent and/or Caregiver Education & Training

Parents and/or caregivers will learn during each session via evidence-based intervention training and education, in the form of observation and face-to-face interaction with the clinical team that's customized for each family’s unique needs.

Ongoing Support

We provide parents and/or caregivers with the tools, skills and confidence to manage their children’s developmental challenges, to sustain their successes, and to help them independently gain new skills on a continual basis.

Our Difference

Our culture, experience and methodologies make us your best choice.
Family Culture

The culture and commitment of a family-run organization, with the benefits and resources of corporate agency.

Evidence-Based Practices

Time-limited, high-impact programs that teach independence. Continuous monitoring of progress across a range of skills and abilities.


Our Personalized Treatment Plans are comprised of evidence-based approaches to meet the specific needs of our Intercare kids and families

Experienced Team

A diverse and dedicated team of professionals and paraprofessionals with proper licensures, certifications, and credentials.